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  • exhi1ity -

    -3 posts, 31 likes.
    seems legit

  • Muh_Dick -

    Your profile picture is an accurate representation of the modern day Sweden.

    • literalretard -

      Move to America. Possibly Britain in a few years once we've left the EU and cleaned up the mess.

    • Muh_Dick -

      Meh that's kind of the pussy thing to do. Besides, wouldn't want to mix my DNA with some girl with slavic genes etc. Need to stay here, not abandoning ship yet.

    • Semitic_Opinions -

      Your genes are absolute trash you non-semitic subhuman swedecuck. Anything but 100% pure-blooded Israelite Levantine is as valueless as cattle.

    • Muh_Dick -

      Hans, fire up 'em ovens. It's time.