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    Hiellow dimitry,remember me?

  • Vladmir_Putin -

    is it your goal to dislike everything I post? even on my own wall?

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    hi dimitry :3

  • Muriturca -

    You newmins doesn't know roybainkiller? Pls re open the admin app thread tommorow I will enlighten you all

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    Don't be a wetboi.

  • James. -

    Thoughts about "Jail Shooter RP"?

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    You cant protect kd ratio wanker from truth that I spread on the forum

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    you mean GoatLand right? when ever you say something to him he just says "FUCK YOU" and constantly spams in his autistic voice "I WILL KILL U PUTIN"

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    first teabags uses an image i made as profile picture, now you. Thanks dad.

  • Vladmir_Putin -

    Senior communist

  • Mandalf The Gay -

    One nude pic for one illegal post, what ya say?

  • Zoli_Garsa -

    So. At long last, it seems your pathetic "server" has lost its superiority. Sure, you can still drag in 30 players on weekends, but is that all? I can think of a server that gets over a hundred players every day

    we've all waited for this. all the regiments you refused to respect, all the decent people you sent running with your pro-racism and pro-phobic rules. All your little sayings about "free speech" don't do much for you now, do they? I remember even when those clowns in the 59th were in charge things were a shambles, it's nice to see they still are. we're laughing at you, you know. all of us. we laugh at you trying so hard to make your failed community work. we're laughing as you fail to attract any new players, as you fail to do anything useful. we are all laughing at you, knowing that in future when you and your efforts are long forgotten that we will still be carrying on with all our supporters.

    simply put, we told you so. how many times were you warned? how many times did we tell you that a bigoted server that refuses to respects regiments (seeing how regiments are the only reason napoleonic wars has any players) could never survive? what did you think was going to happen.

    i'm laughing at you right now. we all are. enjoy your final days

  • Jumaron -

    why you dislike my unban request?

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    nigger why you disliking my post?

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    shhhhhhhhhhh.... greece for the turks

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    +1 on the tags

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    Your wish is my command, enjoy your new tag :D

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    I saw what you posted



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    love the new Profile pic

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  • James. -

    Are you a SAC member, motherfucker?

  • Vladmir_Putin -

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  • Highland Cow -

    I did go through my application and added rules about guards just as Putin and you suggested, along with fixing minor errors. I haven't added Hunger Games because it's almost pointless. It's hard to be active on the server when there's no one playing on it because everyone's asleep. Again, I'm a Yankee. All honesty, I respect and appreciate your opinion. The easiest time to be active is the weekends.

    • Dimitry -

      Forgot to reply to this rip

      I have seen many good applicants not revisit their admin app and for the most part,they were the ones to jump off the ship on the first signs of trouble. That and the fact that the only comment given from an admin was pretty negative raised a lot of red flags in my head.

      Still, I'm happy you got accepted and hope that you disprove my instincts.

  • Vladmir_Putin -

    delete the comment on the zboi unban request pls scroob is an annoying asshole who can't delete em for some reason thx <3

  • Exhility -

    who did you work your "magic mouth" on to get vlogb?

    just for research

  • James. -

    250 more points and you overtook neon