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  • Zoli_Garsa -

    european union homosexual communion

  • Muh_Dick -

    Gonna feed ya cum!
    Jockstrap Cowboys!
    Get on ya knees and suck it!
    Suck that big hard horsecock!
    Deep deep deep deep deep deep down ya throat!
    Grabbin the back of ya head and rammin deeper deeper!
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    Oil that butthole … I want to fuck ya so deep so deep so deep deep!
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  • Dimitry -

    Every copypasta = 5 day ban

  • Bjorn Ironside -


  • Muh_Dick -


  • Dimitry -


  • Netanyel -


  • TrumpSuicideWatch -

    The underscore in your tag is killing me.

  • Muh_Dick -

    18 naked cowboys in the showers at ram ranch

    big herd throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked

    18 naked cowboys wanting to be FUCKED

    cowboys in the showers at ram ranch on their knees wanting to suck cowboy cocks

    ram ranch really rocks

  • Kinree -

    n i g g e r

  • Maximilio -

    why :(

  • Vladimir_Putin -

    Advisor ;(

  • YeeBoyyy -

    Uhhhh boyyy

  • Dimitry -


  • exhi1ity -

    yo make me an admin again please im back

  • Vladimir_Putin -…ved/&postID=5381#post5381

  • Cloud III -

    OOO has no response to the fair point. What a cop out

    • James. -

      Response was written in "satire".

    • Cloud III -

      Fair enough, that was an extremely rude thing to say, and I'm a stubborn bastard, but that made me genuinely look like an entitled cunt, which I am not.

      I really don't have an issue with the server script, if as you say, this regis created a script for your server, i commend him.
      I apologise for constant trolling
      I apologise for the constant disrespect
      I apologise for the toxicity/trashtalking to admins/players
      I apologise for the rdm(s)
      I apologise for my response to your fair point
      I apologise for the amount of apologies.

  • Squeezy -

    Thanks for the unban :DD

  • James. -

    What's with "Bjorn supreme leader" tags all over forum threads? I thought our political system made us all equeal.

  • Dimitry -

    No communist avatar= No true man

  • Earballs -

    bjorn makes me yawn

    also hi I havent seen you online in a while where are you

  • Vladimir_Putin -

    2 more weeks of TA...

  • Shalmeon -

    Don't yell at me daddy


    rip my vip


  • sempai1395 -

    Thx Bjorn, I promise not to use Betty on your server

  • Washington -

    Is good cuck a good thing?

  • memoose -

    thanke for tag, head ladmin

  • James. -

    A legend is born.
    His name is Bjorn.

  • Dimitry -

    SAC Intelligence Agency (SacIA) Report#0042
    Threat detected : Risk : 3/10 Codename: MadeInChina

    Open file
    Credentials approved
    Opening file...
    File Opened !

    Arthur - Aug 15th 2017
    I'm senior HA now

  • Washington -