Bjorn Ironside Jailbreak Head Admin

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  • Member since Jun 23rd 2016
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  • Vladmir_Putin -…ved/&postID=5381#post5381

  • Cloud III -

    OOO has no response to the fair point. What a cop out

    • James. -

      Response was written in "satire".

    • Cloud III -

      Fair enough, that was an extremely rude thing to say, and I'm a stubborn bastard, but that made me genuinely look like an entitled cunt, which I am not.

      I really don't have an issue with the server script, if as you say, this regis created a script for your server, i commend him.
      I apologise for constant trolling
      I apologise for the constant disrespect
      I apologise for the toxicity/trashtalking to admins/players
      I apologise for the rdm(s)
      I apologise for my response to your fair point
      I apologise for the amount of apologies.

  • Squeezy -

    Thanks for the unban :DD

  • James. -

    What's with "Bjorn supreme leader" tags all over forum threads? I thought our political system made us all equeal.

  • Dimitry -

    No communist avatar= No true man

  • Earballs -

    bjorn makes me yawn

    also hi I havent seen you online in a while where are you

  • Vladmir_Putin -

    2 more weeks of TA...

  • Shalmeon -

    Don't yell at me daddy


    rip my vip


  • sempai1395 -

    Thx Bjorn, I promise not to use Betty on your server

  • Washington -

    Is good cuck a good thing?

  • memoose -

    thanke for tag, head ladmin

  • James. -

    A legend is born.
    His name is Bjorn.

  • Dimitry -

    SAC Intelligence Agency (SacIA) Report#0042
    Threat detected : Risk : 3/10 Codename: MadeInChina

    Open file
    Credentials approved
    Opening file...
    File Opened !

    Arthur - Aug 15th 2017
    I'm senior HA now

  • Washington -


  • walp / Polska_Cebula -

    everyone says congratulations because they want a promotion kek


  • TrumpSuicideWatch -

    Congratulations, Bjorn. You've always seemed like a diligent log banner and I'm sure you'll make an excellent head adm- oh no help I'm choking on your cock

    No, but really, congrats

  • Arthur -

    All hail Bjorn, the first of his name, of house Ironside, Lord of admins and plebs alike, Defeater of NRP, and Lord Protector of JB!

  • Muh_Dick -

    Congratulations on HA you handsome spanish man. Well deserved, will be a pleasure serving under your rule.



  • Legend -

    Hard work pays off. Congrats on HeadAdmin my friend

  • James. -

    Hope your new job won't be HArd.

  • Lord_Apollyon -

    Not trying to be a pain but I am still banned, could you possibly tell me why?

  • Kokun -

    Yo pass your id

  • CannonFodder -

    Well scroob did not post what admins and other players said me first so no wonder it looks like there i talk shit. Like i said i treat people like they treat me. But maybe it is better that way you keep ban i don't need no teenagers shit in my life.

    • Gregory_The_Black -

      Lol bye then

    • Arthur -

      I'm glad that we don't have to treat you anything anymore, and you can't treat us anything anymore. Interesting about how you posted like.. 10 posts on your unban request?

    • Lord_Apollyon -

      I don't know what cannon did but don't you think he may Deserve a second chance because in all my experience cannon has never done anything against the rules till you know getting perm banned

    • Dimitry -

      No. He doesn't.

  • Muh_Dick -

    why is it when someone becomes senior admin they pretty much disappear

  • Arthur -

    *The Following is an automatic message*

    If you are reading this, then you have been found guilty of spreading derogatory and culturally insensitive words/phrases to our Asian enriched player base.
    Phrases like:

    "back of the line boy"
    "get in those fields boy"

    are just the tip of the iceberg. But, we are here to offer you the help and guidance you may need to break this streak of insensitivity. Our program has help thousands of people from all types of nationalities and ethnicities learn to love the different pigments. Its not too late. Call 1-800-STOP-DE-RACIST today. Our program is absolutely free for the first thirty days. We can 100% guarantee. that it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!

    Below is a list of treatments available at our state of the art facility.
    -24/7 Support Staff
    -Adopt an Asian (Nothing brings better melanin tolerance, then your own "non-slave" to take care of.)
    -Shock therapies
    -Isis videos (Just to take the thoughts off your mind.)
    -Much, Much More!.

    So what are you waiting for? Again, Call us at 1-800-STOP-DE-RACISM, That's 1-800-7867-3372-2476.

    We look forward to your recovery and future melanin enriched life.


    We at asianlovers4life or AL4L are not responsible for the following side effects you may experience from this program.

    Side effects may include:
    -Permanent yellow skin, Sudden Increase in blood pressure, Increase in rice consumption, Weight gain, Adopted Asian going rouge, Drug use, Heart attack, Strokes, Hatred of "de white man", Sudden desires to pick various crops and wild fauna, headaches, increases in slang talk.

    But don't worry, less than 2% of our patients ever experience any of these symptoms. :)

  • Duck -


  • Muh_Dick -

    stop culturally appropriating my ancestors u fuck

    it's björn not bjorn btw

    björn = bear

    ironside aint a nordic name