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  • Raiding -

    memeous posthumous

  • muh_memmose_more_tea -

    brind neon rp back pls

  • Vladimir_Putin -

    stfu Fairy

  • JewishFairy -

    im eating milky way right now

  • JewishFairy -

    well i think we should meet next weekend

  • JewishFairy -

    whaaat? noooo im not gay, stop it boi ;)

  • JewishFairy -

    yeah, im watchin naruto now

  • JewishFairy -

    hi, how r ya? im not very well

  • Kinree -

    At last we will reveal ourselfs to the JB. At last we will have revenge.

    • Raiding -

      You have been well trained my young apprentice, they will be no match for you.

  • Muh_Dick -

    18 naked cowboys in the showers at ram ranch

    big herd throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked

    18 naked cowboys wanting to be FUCKED

    cowboys in the showers at ram ranch on their knees wanting to suck cowboy cocks

    ram ranch really rocks

  • memouse -

    I will join you to the great walhalla ,your a Legend to all, When Jailbreak was the best Server all of time,and it was led by you, Know you left us with degenerate faggots Admins with their boring stuff, undisciplined shit, Neon Lord of Jailbreak.

    • Dimitry -

      Well then go join him in oblivion

  • YeeBoyyy -


  • GoatLand -

    Who are you?

  • Dimitry -

    Get tea'd™

  • Shockwave -


    • Kinree -


  • Mentally Challenged Jew -

    lol karma dont reject my admin app next time ly bby jk fucker ;) dab

  • MadTomato -

    I missed neon rp :(

    • Muh_Dick -

      it's called jailsiege and we still play it niBBa

    • Sarissa the Russian -

      it shoulda be removed, its boring asf

    • MadTomato -

      No its neon rp Lel

  • metal_health -


  • Bintafasia -


  • Legend -

    Rip Neon

  • Washington -

    Need more hate comments

  • Scrooblord. -

    SAC has won

  • Bleetham Shepard -

    r3kt faggot

  • Washington -

    Bye bitch

  • Gregory_The_Black -

    Well deserved

  • Rakesh -

    Holy shit you're dead

  • Muh_Dick -

    top 10 saddest deaths in anime

  • Grumpy_Ben -


  • Arthur -

    I hope you come back tbh, it's actually quite sad to see you go

    Nevertheless, good luck wherever you go

  • Dimitry -

    Sooner or later SAC gets what it wants