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  • louisdesnow -

    Was a good run, lads.

    • Netanyel -

      Almost forgot to archive your stash.

  • James. -

    Louxs's father while browsing his computer: -What the fuck is that, son?
    Loux: -Emmm, i'm drawing porn of underaged anime girls in free time...
    -No, next to that.
    -Oh, a forum of a server i admin on.
    -You are doing what!?
    -Yeah, it's pretty fun.
    -22 years and i did not know my own son is such faggot with no life! (laser eyes) I HAVE NO SON!

  • Humble_Beggar -

    S T O P W A T C H I N G H E N T A I.

  • Muh_Dick -

    so uuuhhh i just went onto your tumblr and what the actual fuck

  • YeeBoyyy -

    Anime is a good thing

    • YeeBoyyy -

      I will be your follower now

    • Raiding -


    • YeeBoyyy -


  • Raiding -

    Your hentai. Or your life!

  • GoatLand -

    Giv animu ples

  • Vladimir_Putin -

    how are you a male, but your piccie is a gurl?

    • Scrooblord. -

      how is your name russian, but you are actually a sheep shagger?

    • Vladimir_Putin -

      late much?

  • Dimitry -

    w e e b
    b e e w

    • exhi1ity -

      w e e b
      e e
      e e
      b e e w

    • exhi1ity -

      why the fuck doesnt the edit button work

    • Dimitry -



  • Duck -


  • Netanyel -

    You never respond to anything on your wall. If you do not make a reply to something on this wall within 24 hours. I, with my good intentions, will be forced to take drastic measures. This is your last chance to repent.

    • Dimitry -

      As of May 18th 2017 Loux has had no confirmed activity on the server or his wall

  • Netanyel -

    *The Following is an automatic message*

    If you are reading this, then you have been found guilty of spreading derogatory and culturally insensitive words/phrases to our Melanin enriched player base.
    Phrases like:

    "back of the line boy"
    "get in those fields boy"

    are just the tip of the iceberg. But, we are here to offer you the help and guidance you may need to break this streak of insensitivity. Our program has help thousands of people from all types of nationalities and ethnicities learn to love the different pigments. Its not too late. Call 1-800-STOP-DE-RACIST today. Our program is absolutely free for the first thirty days. We can 100% guarantee. that it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!

    Below is a list of treatments available at our state of the art facility.
    -24/7 Support Staff
    -Adopt a Negro (Nothing brings better melanin tolerance, then your own "non-slave" to take care of.)
    -Shock therapies
    -Isis videos (Just to take the thoughts off your mind.)
    -Much, Much More!.

    So what are you waiting for? Again, Call us at 1-800-STOP-DE-RACISM, That's 1-800-7867-3372-2476.

    We look forward to your recovery and future melanin enriched life.


    We at negrolovers4life or NL4L are not responsible for the following side effects you may experience from this program.

    Side effects may include:
    -Permanent tanning, Sudden Increase in blood pressure, Increase in chicken consumption, Weight gain, Adopted Negro going rouge, Drug use, Heart attack, Strokes, Hatred of "de white man", Sudden desires to pick various crops and wild fauna, headaches, increases in slang talk.

    But don't worry, less than 2% of our patients ever experience any of these symptoms. :)

  • exhi1ity -

    keep up the avatars. good work. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • frederick_bubbles -

    happy birth day

  • The_heretic_priest -

    Hi louis can you tell how to join with the admin pass


    make new video m88888

  • Vendetta -

    Masturbating is haram, if i doing for enjoy

  • Cloudy~Cloud -

    shit. Its a wild weeaboo

  • Netanyel -

    You have the same problem as me. You never sleep....

  • Blee -

    hentai yizz

  • Corruptor -

    Holocaust in on prisoners every time he is guard

  • Tachiko -



  • Netanyel -

    Going to stalk this wall Like a Hound Dog on a porkchop.

  • Bleetham Shepard -

    omg senior admin and no comments

    :) <3<3