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  • The real Blee -

    I never joined the kingdom of jerusalem

    • Im a cuntnugget -

      I know,you got fucking denied lmfao

    • The real Blee -

      eggs dee it was a pretender not me

    • Im a cuntnugget -

      that why he linked your profile? it's okay,no need to do the whole 'xD i was just trolling' thing. a lot of people don't get accepted. a lot of retards that is

  • Vladimir_Putin -

    shrek!!!! (no.5 comin out soon, get tickets now shrek is love, shrek is life).

  • Duck -


  • Shogunai -

    absolute fgt

  • exhi1ity -

    no shit sherlock

  • Shockwave -

    Shrek, cum back to us.

  • Dimitry -

    You are alive?

    You shouldn't be

    • Im a cuntnugget -

      someone tell these weaboos to stop commenting on my wall,i have no idea who either of you are

  • Gregorio_El_Paellero -


  • Vendetta -

    Rest in Pepperonies

  • Belgians_Succ -

    slav kid

  • Tachiko -

    someBODY once told me

    • Tachiko -

      the world is gonna roll me

    • Tachiko -

      I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed...

    • Tachiko -

      She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb

    • Tachiko -

      In the shape of an "L" on her forehead

    • Tachiko -

      Well the years start coming and they dont stop coming

  • Ilyas -

    "Ilyas,I'm 15 not 14. Also I,unlike you,have testicles. In Croatia its perfectly normal to drink when you're 15-16"
    Ye so as you can tell i thought you were 14, and if your mom didnt drink while she was pregnant, youd also be able to tell that i was just being curious since it seems like most 59th dicks (the ones that dont sqeek at least) is either drunk everyday talking about forgotten wars and complaining that "France has no moral", or is completely anti drinking.

    • Ilyas -

      Ye ik, old post, the shoutbox shows me the oldest posts while loading and i got triggered.

    • Im a cuntnugget -

      go stick a baguette down your tight french asshole?

    • Ilyas -

      Err, ill need a hand.

    • Im a cuntnugget -

      ask titan,he's into that stuff

    • Ilyas -

      Yes, nice 20 yo me asking 15 yo Titan to "stick a baguette down my tight french asshole"

  • Shockwave -

    rip, miss you already.

  • Robin -

    Lanniste scum

  • Amk -

    Lol u are Rank 4 on At War poor Crotian guy never climb top.

  • The_donald_trump -

    u wanna check my unban post would appreciate it

  • Greatscot -

    check steam u fagoat

  • Anderson -

    only need 1 more for a 5v5 you asked anyone yet ?

  • Shogunai -