Neon_3 Banned from JB & NRP forums

  • Member since Aug 23rd 2017
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  • Muh_Dick -


  • Scrooblord. -

    You honestly could have pulled a Drlegs and have left somewhat respected and seeing you ingame occasionally would have been a pleasant surprise.

    But you left bitter hatred and burned bridges, so if we do see you ingame we assume something is wrong with our banlist.

  • TrumpWholesomeWatch -

    Not that you'll likely read this or care (it's the internet, why would anyone) but I actually hope you manage to come to terms with all of this. Granted, you have nothing left to lose at this point, but there's no denying that you legitimately cared about JB. You made a ton of great content for all of us, and it's unfortunate to see how you've been reacting to the past week or so, especially with the legacy you could have left on the community.

    While I never really got to know you personally, you always came off as a respectable admin even before I joined the unit. So in all, I hope you manage to move on at some point. Hopefully we'll see you again in Bannerlord, Neon.

  • Bintafasia -

    I want neon_4

  • Bintafasia -

    Me love you long time

  • Handsome Jew -

    How long till Neon_4?

    • Neon_3 -

      not long now, just got to wait for tea to get back from maccy Ds

  • BazookaDeLuca -


    • Neon_3 -

      Luv u bazooka, we speak later yes?

  • Scrooblord. -

    go back to hell plz

  • le glue the Fake non-Greek -

    oy vey goyim!

  • Muh_Dick -

    rip in piss