Mentally Challenged Jew

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  • from Northern fence of Jewtown, Kazakhstan.
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  • Mein_Kaiser -

    is it dead?

  • James. -

    Yeah, he's finally dead!

  • Vladimir_Putin -

    your cancer

  • James. -

    Out for a stroll, are we?

  • Moszniak_PL -


  • Mein_Kaiser -

    "i cant get over this dude online dosnt like me after i acted like a retarted kid so i will call him a pagan jew kid also i listen to nigger music and dont call me a gypsy"

    those words decribe this loser perfect;y

    • Mentally Challenged Jew -

      "im a fat 14 year old belapoorian jew faggot and i LARP paganism and I like to be a wanna-be solider because they wont accept me coz im morbidly obese and i only listen to pagan wardruna because my THICK JEW BELARUSIAN JEW RUNS DEEP WITH VIKING PAGAN BLOOD RRAHHHHHHHHHH"

    • Mein_Kaiser -

      not fat not 14 not a jew not gay i dont larp as a pagan i dont want to be a solider iam not obese and i dont even listen to warduna and only retards say brahhh

    • Mentally Challenged Jew -

      >is fat, >is 14, >is jew, >is gay, >is a pagan LARPer, >wanna-be army conscript, >obese, >you listen to pagan-ass shit music brahhh

    • Mein_Kaiser -

      lol no

  • Shalmeon -

    Shalom Romanian Nobility Jew

  • Duck -


  • Mein_Kaiser -

    ex de....

  • Tachiko -


    • Mentally Challenged Jew -

      You offend me, we dont rest in peace, when we die we wander in search of shekels.

  • Muh_Dick -

    notice me daddy kike

  • Mentally Challenged Jew -

    Shalom, Rabbi

  • exhi1ity -

    shalom fellow jew