Lieutenant Camel Retard

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  • Killer_of_memes -

    the tag says it all

  • Legend -

    This fella would be great as my Assistant bomber.

  • Muh_Dick -

    hey there big guy

  • Lieutenant Camel -

    I want to kill you. Age shouldnt keep people back, remember when you were my age? what if you had this game when you were 11 and you wanted to be admin on a server, but your damn age kept you back?

    • OhMyEnglishTeaBags -

      Lmao I was 13 when I first wanted to become admin on Garry's Mod PerpHeads... I got terrorized to shit and i'm the #1 most hated person on that server since 3-4 years ago. I'll give you a little challenge - Go to and find out my username and if you manage to find it, i'll take off your forum Retard tag.

    • memoose -

      can i get an autist tag pls teabagmin?

  • Dimitry -

    I want to ride you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)