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  • Muh_Dick -

    I'm glad this finnish retard got permanently banned.

  • Lord_Apollyon -

    Cannon how did you get banned?
    Because if it was nothing much I am sure they will let you back on in about a month

    • Washington -

      He made fun of a admin who killed himself, he isnt coming back.

  • Dimitry -

    Wow you really are a triggered bitch

    Just like Mushroom. You saw what happened to Mushroom. Just saying

    • Handsome Jew -

      Tell me the story of the triggered mushroom

    • Dimitry -

      Be mitry
      Be edgy teen coz why not
      Get in server with SS tags
      Mushroom gets triggered, kicks mitry
      Mitry rejoins, gets permabanned
      Mitry Reees in forums
      Mushroom resigns and never comes back

      There are rumors however that mushroom is still stalking the server under several aliases and waits for his time to rejoin the admin team and get his revenge

  • Rakesh -


  • Walter van Castel -

    your complaint threat was damn funny :D