Admin Application from MotherlandRussia

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    • Admin Application from MotherlandRussia

      1. Your In-Game Name: MotherlandRussia
      2. Steam URL:
      3. Age: 22.
      4. Timezone and Country: Germany Europe/Berlin
        Central European Time/Mitteleuropäische Zeit (CET/MEZ).
      5. How good is your English? good.
      6. How many hours have you played Mount and Blade: Warband? 1312 hours
      7. How long have you been playing on the server? How active are you? Very active / overall game time in the Server is about 312 hours.
      8. Are you in the Official NW Roleplay Community group on Steam? Yes.
      9. Why do you want to be an admin? And what makes you different to other applicants? I can speak,understand, and read 3 languages: Russian,German,English.
      I want to make Interessting RPs and I also have a lot of Ideas and i am very motivated.10. Do you have any past experience as an Admin ? Unfortunately not

      11. Is there anyone that can vouch for you? We need the name and the Steam URL or the vouch wont be taken as valid: I think Iskrax can vouch for me ( but i am not sure)


      12. Please explain the rules for players that go in any Roleplay, please state them clearly and do not copy them:

      Nr.1: Dont Ramboing anyone must follow a Regiment.
      Nr.2: Dont Kill Surrenders we must wait for Admin commands.
      Nr.3: Dont delay.
      Nr.4: Dont waste the buildpoins for TNT/ Dont spam TNT.
      Nr.5: Dont kill your own People/ Dont hit your Team.
      Nr.6: Dont hack, cheat or modding.
      Nr.7: Dont Troll/For example: (Dont destroy Team sandbanks).
      Nr.8: No gamer-names with swearwords/badwords for example: Fuc**** Christian People (or something like that)

      13.Please explain the Guidelines for admins that you should follow in any Roleplay, please state them clearly and do not copy them:

      Nr.1: I must respect the Admins and other Players (dont saying swearwords).
      Nr.2: I may offend anyone.
      Nr.3: I may offend any religions, political parties. ( and Co.)
      Nr.4: I may not spam in the Chat.
      Nr.5: I must speak english in the Server (I must Keep other languages to a Minimum).
      Nr.6: I have to observe the correct spelling (form meaningful rates).
      Nr.7: Just the 59th regiment are allowed to recruit on the Server (No other Regiment are allowed).
      Nr.8: Just Weigh down in the Forums, not in the Chat.

      14.Create a list of role plays with each of their separate rules in an organised, easy to read structure. If it is in a paragraph, it will not be taken: BATTLE ROLE PLAY RULES

      Dont Ramboing.
      Dont kill surrenders.
      Follow your class officer.
      Cavalery must follow the General.


      Dont Ramboing.
      just follow your class officer and his orders.
      crouching prohibited.


      Dont revolt before its 57:00 (Admin can Change this).
      Partisanis can/must work at the wheafield (for example).
      The Russians must take the partisani class (all).
      All Russians must Keep their weapons.
      Punching and kicking is not allowed.
      The Admin can add some more Rules.


      The both Team must go naval class or naval Crew.
      The Artylery can be allowed or not ( Admins Order).
      Dont troll at the ship.
      Dont sail if no one is on the ship. (or not all)


      The Russians must go to the Partisani Class.
      The Defenders must save the General if the General death the defenders lose.
      The Partisanis must kill the General if they want to win.
      The Defenders can Chose some Sappers to defend.
      The right Balance is very imporant. (1:2.5)


      One Team defend a surrender.
      The other Team must try to kill him.
      The surrender must drop all weapons and hold his Hands in the air.
      The Defenders have a bit Time to save the surrender. (Admin can set the time)
      If the time is out and the surrender not death ..... (defenders win).
      If the Surrender death ..... (attackers win).


      One Nation take the cavalry classes. (Nation=Team)
      And the other Nation take the infantry classes.
      Sappers are not allowed.
      The Infantry Nation must form a square.
      The Cavalry Nation must make a line at spawn and atack if the adim says ,,ATTACK,,


      Both Nations go cavalry.
      Bothe Nations must wait at spawn and wait for orders.


      The Russian Team are Soviet solidiers.
      The Prussian Team are Nazis.
      Dont spam TNT.
      Every 3 rounds Comes the red day.
      At the red day you just allowed to Charge.
      Shooting with fireweapons is not allowed. (at the red day)


      You must follow your class officer.
      Both Teams must make a massive line.
      Dont fire when the Admin dont say ,,Fire,,
      Listen up to Admin orders.


      All Prussians are defenders and must take the Freikorps class.
      All British Solidiers are Attackers and can take any class they like.
      The Artelery is allowed for both Teams.
      The Prussian Team are allowed to take some Sappers.
      In the (Siege Mode) the Team win when the british solidiers capture the flag.
      In the ( Battle Mode) the Team win when the Prussian General death.


      The Admin set a ,, peace period,,
      While the ,,peace period,, you are not allowed to shoot.
      After this ,,peace period,, you must Charge the enemys Team.


      Both Teams must take any officer class.
      The map must be the spanish village.
      Cavalry is open but just 10 proznet.
      The Admin must set the class Limit to 99.

      Your User ID: 1191720

      PS: Please excuse some grammatical spelling mistakes
      But this was a very hard work and please follows my application because i really want to become an Admin.

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      Nobomin, 1st of his name, master of melee, beloved by players, misunderstood mememaster.

      Imperator of the LEGIO I Trial Admin
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    • Your activity is unfortunately not good enough and you have been denied.
      You grammar has to be taken into account as players have to understand our admins and they have to use a professional language.
      Anyway, your RP rules were fine and so were the general rules as far as I understood.
      Feel free to reapply within a few weeks.