The_Pirate_Hunter - Jailbreak Admin Application - Submitted 12/03/2018 [Accepted]

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  • The_Pirate_Hunter - Jailbreak Admin Application - Submitted 12/03/2018 [Accepted]

    Your In-game name;
    [BB]Pirate Hunter

    Your Steam Name;

    Your Steam Profile URL;

    Number of Hours on Warband;


    Country of Residence and Timezone (in GMT format);
    Belgium – CET/GMT + 1

    How high is the level of your English? Do you speak any other languages fluently other than it?
    My English is above the Plutarch average. Besides that, I speak fluently Flemish and I can understand some German.

    Can you please tell us a few words about yourself?
    My real name is Kevin (for those who didn’t know it already). Currently I study social work and I like to spend some time on gaming (obviously).
    Furthermore, if anyone requires some extra knowledge about my personal live, I invite you to add me on steam so you can ask your urgent questions.
    Server-related information
    For how long have you been playing on the Jailbreak server?
    +/- 4 years
    How long would you be able/willing to admin the server if accepted as an admin?
    I am going to try to get +/- 30 minutes online a day

    Past experience as an admin on Warband or any other games:
    *Past Jailbreak Admin
    *Past persistent Admin

    Is there anyone who can vouch for you? (JAILBREAK ADMINS ONLY!):
    Kebabmin, Vladimir_Putin, Falcon and every other admin who was weeping for my return.




    • Killing/stabbing without a reason is not allowed (RDM = Random Deathmatch)
    *This also applies in not live rounds!
    • Reason must always be given to legitimise the kill except during valid 066 orders
    *Order 066 = all prisoners are KOS and is mostly given when there only 1 guard remaining.
    • General weapons and guns (this also includes pistols!) are KOS (= Kill on sight)
    • If an admin ordered that tools are allowed in a certain area, then the rule above this no longer applies. Note: guns are not tools!
    • Ramrods and shovels are treated as weapons because they do damage
    • If a prisoner sheathed his weapon within 0.5 seconds, then the kill will be treated as legitimise.
    • Prisoners who are carrying a weapon/tool on their belt & back must be warned first in global chat.

    For the record: this means warn and wait a few seconds not warn and stab.

    This is an example how u should warn:

    *You go in front of the prisoner u wish to warn and say:

    “Drop axe!”
    • You must obey the orders of the warden (This can either be an admin or player)

    *Don’t follow orders from Troll players; example: 066 before 58:00
    • By my recall 066 order may only be given by admins. If a regular player is warden, he should use the old way of a proper execution. (Prisoners against the wall and guards who are waiting for “fire” order of the warden at that time. (also not before 58:00)
    • A warden may not give an execution order before 58 (riot time)
    • Punching, kicking, destroying objects, Jew, fag ... are not valid kill reasons!
    • Helping prisoners is not allowed, this includes: Giving weapons, opening/ destroying doors
    • On the maps where the cavalry option is open: you are not allowed to run over prisoners, it's considered as a RDM-stab
    • If you commit a blatant RDM and get swapped by admin you can’t swap back to the guard team for that map. (Scripts of Emiel offers the possibility to secure someone in a team)
    • Non-official; Don’t run into spawn with a bloodlust, give the prisoners some time spawn and for dropping their weapons.
    • Camping on win is not allowed; killing at win is punishable obviously
    • Camping when there is a riot is stupid and makes u a pussy
    • Don’t block doorways and open the doors when admin gives move orders
    • If you accidently kill somebody do not leave game; stay calm and say "acc" in chat, the admin will just slay u for the rest of the round (sheath your bloody weapon meanwhile!)
    • Do not abuse/spam votes in admin absence.

    Jail Arena
    • You may not enter the arena without permission from the admin at that time
    • Shooting/ throwing is not allowed
    • You may not attack before the admin orders you to.
    • You must obey the admin orders no matter what
    • No glitching/trolling

    Jail Run
    • Guards are not allowed on the track
    • No rifleman allowed; scripts fixed this
    • Prisoners can shoot/attack the guards after the riot time; this is no excuse for camping/delaying
    • Destroying the track is not allowed
    • Camping is not allowed.
    • Trolling the spawn gate is not allowed.
    • You may not cheat your way to win
    • General rules: spamming, glitching etc.

    Jail & Seek

    • Goal: rescue VIP from the hands of the badmins & guards and escort him back to the win point before execution timer.
    • The VIP must drop their weapons and follow the admin to a location
    • The VIP cannot use any weapons or punch/kick a guard
    • Revealing the location of VIP (Guards and VIP himself) is not allowed
    • The VIP is only allowed to move when another prisoner is near him
    • It’s basically always 066
    • Guards may not leave the fort/ area
    • Killing the VIP before execution time is not allowed.
    • If the prisoners managed to rescue the VIP, then the VIP becomes the KOS target for the remaining guards

    • Only admins may be guards
    • The prisoners must kill each other
    • Prisoners can make alliances
    • Prisoners may not camp in spawn
    • Admins can use certain cheats to prevent camping, delaying or for giving prisoners a certain challenge in a neutral way example: “the floor is lava”
    • This game mode is no excuse for the admins to abuse the cheat menu;

    Jail Siege
    • Prisoners must obey admin orders/or not
    • Weapons are KOS except when admin specifically told that they are allowed in a certain place.
    *Example: knifes in kitchen
    • Prisoners must find a way to get weapons (chests) and need to escape to the flag point.
    • This game mode is only recommended when there is a huge number of admins and players
    • Guard may go as sapper and artillery but build spam and mass – RDM is not allowed.
    • Prisoners must always move with their hands up during a move order
    • Teamkilling is not allowed

    Jail Assault

    • It’s basically 066 from the start

    • Only an admin can drive the boat unless the admin gives you permission

    • Prisoners may hide and prepare themselves but they may never leave the fort

    • Prisoners can suicide at 59:00

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  • I'm willing to disregard your lack of constraint on reports. You are one of the most regular players on the site and the server, you know the rules by heart, and your reports have thrown dozens of rdmers to the pits of the banlist hell.

    I don't know you well enough to vouch, but I definitely think you deserve the admin position.

    I just think you forgot to add the guidelines section to your app, so you should really work on that.

    Nvm. Just keep in mind that we need guidelines for all main Alt. Modes (the more the best). For example, when should the admins tp to open the gate at Jail Assault?
    Memorable Quotes

    Turkish Power wrote:

    Ban Dimitry plase he is racist he done bad things and said bed thinkks about my mum thank yuo plase

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  • Part 2: out of space


    • Don’t glitch your way to win
    • Don’t block the way
    • Don’t abuse/spam votes
    • Don’t spam in the chat (this includes RDM spam in dead chat)
    • Don’t troll gate
    • Obey the order/ or not and get killed
    Admin guides


    Accidental RDM = Slay

    RDM stab = Warn/ swap when they don’t stop

    RDM = Swap

    MASS RDM = Permanent Ban

    Spamming = kick

    Shooting in Jail Arena = Temporary Ban

    Throwing in Jail Arena = Temporary Ban

    Guard on track (JR)= slay/Swap

    No reason = RDM = Swap

    Killing in not live rounds = slay

    Mass RDM in not live rounds = slay/ Temporary Ban

    Give (induvial) heal before 58:00 when somebody is RDM – stabbed or kicked

    After doing an punishment always give a reason to players.

    Abusing cheat menu is not allowed.

    Check balance before starting the round

    Use /nodmgteam for not live rounds to prevent RDM’s

    Use /nodmgteam 1 or 0 for rounds that you need to unlock an early riot (for HG, etc.)

    After banning someone permanently, make a ban report on 59th admin steam group page.

    If you have to leave to server make sure you open all the votes; (no ban votes)

    Make an announcement for another admin in the admin steam group when u are about to leave.

    Obey the rules, admins should be the example player of the server

    Occasionally warn guard to state reasons

    Thank you for your time.
  • The_Pirate_Hunter wrote:

    Use /nodmgteam for not live rounds to prevent RDM’s

    Use /nodmgteam 1 or 0 for rounds that you need to unlock an early riot (for HG, etc.)

    Make an announcement for another admin in the admin steam group when u are about to leave.
    Obey the rules, admins should be the example player of the server
    You'll be happy to know that our special boy Emiel has changed some of these commands, so you're actually joining at an ideal time in terms of serverside scrips freeloading millennial admins smh

    Good player overall, quite obviously knows the rules and how the game modes work. I think Pirate will make a good addition to the team.

    (Also kudos for the highlighted bits, if only we could get everyone else to follow them.)
  • Mr Kevin was a perfect admin before. I saw how he warden, make punishments and more.

    But he was an admin on a very hard time. A time when admins getting permabanned by just spawning an horse.

    And Kevin was no exception he did get a nice removal and demoted to egdy jb rank.

    Honestly I think we need you, LTMR and king old zealots as admin in order to make this server even greater.

    I am sure he became an admin even greater than some of the SA's we have.

    Definitely vouch!

    (Where is KL4R? How he miss that thread)
    :penguin: Accept Adolf Hitler as your God and earn Club Penguin Premium for one month :penguin: