Less-Talking_More-Raiding - Player Complaint - 2018-02-11 [Approved]

  • Less-Talking_More-Raiding - Player Complaint - 2018-02-11 [Approved]

    Are you wishing to report a player or an admin? Player

    Your in-game name: Less-Talking_More-Raiding

    Name of the offending player or admin: Blood_Thirsty_Haiduc

    Time and Date of incident (please also include your timezone!): 2018.02.11 around 9:50 PM UTC + 1

    Description of incident: This guy was somehow triggered by being called a nazi, (don't know why, i'd be honored if i was him) and decided to start every new round with a little witch-hunt for me, rdming every prisoner until he got me.
    Away with you vile beggah
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    Less_Talking-More_Raiding <img=ico_spear> Blood_Thirsty_Haiduc
    New round started.
    [irgendein_killer] gg
    UgandaWay has left the game with ID: 1701005
    <img=ico_headshot> UgandaWay
    [Blee_Elemental] raiding i sacrificed myself for you
    [Blee_Elemental] is it gay?
    [Less_Talking-More_Raiding] yes
    [Blood_Thirsty_Haiduc] WITHOUT KILLING
    [Blee_Elemental] NIGGER
    Blood_Thirsty_Haiduc <img=ico_spear> irgendein_killer
    [Blood_Thirsty_Haiduc] wep
    *DEAD* [irgendein_killer] nice rdm
    Legit kill, I can see his wep
    [Less_Talking-More_Raiding] we aint no nazi traitors
    [Blood_Thirsty_Haiduc] who is less talking
    [Blee_Elemental] NIGGER
    [Blood_Thirsty_Haiduc] or i kill rdm
    [Less_Talking-More_Raiding] the handsome one
    Blood_Thirsty_Haiduc <img=ico_spear> Blee_Elemental
    *DEAD* [irgendein_killer] he is a nazi kik him !
    [Less_Talking-More_Raiding] go on
    [Blood_Thirsty_Haiduc] second chnace
    Blood_Thirsty_Haiduc <img=ico_spear> Less_Talking-More_Raiding

    While some might not view this at a "mass RDM", the intent was there. He only stopped because he was lucky enough to get you on the second try. He wouldn't have had a problem killing everyone in line until he found you.

    Banned, thanks for the report.

    Post that make me want to end it

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    I would also like to point out that just because we're not anywhere near promotions/demotions does not mean that you can go inactive. I've been getting a shitload of player complaints and I don't think its a coincidence that demotions/promotions activity boosting contest just ended You all know who you are and I have not seen you on the server, I'll be sure to take notes on who has been on and who hasn't within the past 7 days. While also on the topic of activity I'd like to note we still have the same problem of admins not wanting to be the one who restarts the server, for example:

    [Admin who knows who they are] has joined the game with ID: [REDACTED]
    13 seconds later
    [Admin who knows who they are] has left the game with ID: [REDACTED]
    *DEAD* [FuckHoldfast] why DMIN LEFT
    (The mass RDM happens minutes after this)

    There were only 6 players on at this point, more than enough to work with and build on. If this someone hadn't said "Fuck this only 6 players" this complaint wouldn't have happened.

    Post that make me want to end it

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    I saw him on the server today and checked the banlist. The ban seems to have been deleted so I manually added it again and kicked him which seems to have worked.
    This is the 2nd time something like this happens right?

    Turkish Power wrote:

    Ban Dimitry plase he is racist he done bad things and said bed thinkks about my mum thank yuo plase