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  • You do know that impersonation is a bannable offense right?

    Edit: Dan y u take the fun away ;-;
    Saturday, February 3, 2018
    Comrade ☭imitry: A kebab is saying it's you on the forums
    Comrade ☭imitry: And saying I should get banned for racism
    Comrade ☭imitry: Top kek
    Muriturca: ?
    Muriturca: Goat said something about a person named Turkishpower
    Comrade ☭imitry: OROSPU DİMİTRİ
    Comrade ☭imitry: See for yourself
    Muriturca: Can't enter atm but I know him
    Muriturca: I trolled that kid so hard
    Comrade ☭imitry: Yeah he's pretending to be you after net banned him
    Comrade ☭imitry: Kek
    Muriturca: He want to rape me and kill me because I am a traitor
    Muriturca: Kek and now he using my name?
    Muriturca: We had something similar back in the day
    Muriturca: Some crap roach came and start swearing random people
    Memorable Quotes

    Turkish Power wrote:

    Ban Dimitry plase he is racist he done bad things and said bed thinkks about my mum thank yuo plase

  • You know ... I've stayed with this admin team for so long because of how enjoyable it is and how much I love the community. There is nothing like coming to these forums or to JB after a hard days work and see what everyone is doing. Never has the forums failed to amuse me. Until shits like you post unfunny garbage that are more cringe than they are funny. This is a 0/10 troll post and you should honestly feel bad that you are so fucking bad at doing something any decent human being can do. If you aren't trolling then you should honestly consider using the nearest ceiling fan or other high area in which a rope can be tied around.