Do you have a culture with decent food? Scroob needs YOU (That means no anglos)

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  • By the weekend ill be narrowing down the recipes and doing adjustments to fit into the operation. Ill be sure to post a pic if it was one that you guys gave me (if I remember). Don't expect it too soon, I expect them to be served sometime within the next 2 months.
  • Another good one that I'd strongly recommend (as would our Greekmin, @Dimitry) is Spanakopita. My grandparents were Greek and this recipe always reminds me of my childhood, spending the holidays over at their house. Ahh...

    Anyway, it's basically a pastry made with a layer of thin crust stuffed with a combination of egg, ricotta cheese, feta cheese and spinach. It's a bit on the buttery side which makes it a bit messy to eat, but God damn is it good.

  • As a food engineer let ne give you information about the best cuisine you can find in the world. Turkish cuisine.

    Our cuisine follows all of your needs.

    Scrooby-doo-bee-doo wrote:

    1. Can easily be made in mass quantity (50 portions or so)
    2. Ingredients can be pricey but not gold shavings tier.
    3. Something that can easily be made within 2 hours.

    Tdelit aren't common in the American Kitchen (What I'm after).
    • I almost never see Eastern Dishes (Russia, Ukraine, ect)
    • Central European food is a rare sight.
    • Anything Asian that isn't Chinese
    • Do South Americans even have food?
    • Pretty much anything that you can't find at Walmart in the frozen food aisle

    *You can easily make in mass quantity
    *I can assure you about goods. You can find easily.
    *You can make it less than a hour if you know how to make.
    *Due the Ottoman influence in Eastern Europe AND since Turks have metropolis cities in E.Europe you can see E.European taste on our dishes. (We invent baklava and yogurt don't listen liar Gayreeeeeeeks and Bulgars)
    *Döner Shops and Kebab shops everywhere in C.Europe (They are not C.European food but you get the idea)
    *Turks from C.Asia and not Chinese so I can say that food is Asian and not Chinese.
    *Yeah you can only find some rip off copies of popular Turkish food otherwise Turkish food is very rare.

    We do have more than 200 different food so tell me what kind goods you can find and tell you the perfect recipe.
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  • I can keep forever but that won't help. Also if you really interested I can make one of those myself by using WhatsApp chat or something.

    You can also wacht important food tasters like Mark wiens on YouTube and see what they think about Turkish cuisine.

    There is food for every type of person here!
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  • The Mamaliga

    1. Really easy to mass produce
    2. Not many and quite cheap ingridients
    3. Traditional romanian food
    4. Tastes good with almost any kind of meat
    • Cum-să-faci-mămăliga-perfectă.jpg

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  • Wiener Schnitzel

    >Easy to make
    >Very rare in america
    >You can eat it with whatever you want
    > Many variations (Jäger Schnitzel, Cordon Bleu, Schnitzel Hawaii,...)
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  • Báirín Breac, or Barmbrack as the filthy sassanachs started to call it. Absolutely god-tier sweetbread which is easy as shit to make BUT it does take a day or two before it's good to be served.

    Some brúitín can be used alongside basically anything, though.
    Get a good heap of spuds and some scallions/spring onions-whatever your poison.
    For my portion I'd use about 2-3 pounds of potatoes and then what I guess I'd call 1 bunch of scallions, but you can usually guess how much you'll need based on your potatoes.
    You'll need milk, butter and some salt and pepper.

    Boil the potatoes (but don't overdo it, just wait till they're nice and soft) then once peeled mash the everloving christ out of them.
    Boil the milk and drown the potatoes in it, add the veg.

    Season with whatever foreign FILTH you like then fuck the whole thing into a bowl, then add the butter.

    Goes well with basically anything, tastes+smells absolutely unreal and you can make absolutely disgusting portions by just increasing the portions of ingredients.
    Depending on your kitchen you could prepare an obscene amount in really no time at all, while making something else. Dish of brútín in the middle of the table never goes wrong.

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  • I picked 3 recipes from this thread. They were approved and now I just have to finalize them.

    Recipe 1:
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    Spanish Paella

    Recipe 2:
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    Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce and Roasted Greek potatoes

    Recipe 3:
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    Wiener Schnitzel with "Heaven and Earth" potatoes

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I chose these 3 because they fit the bill in every aspect. (Some of the recipes you suggested were good but took longer than 2 hours that I have budgeted)