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      I don't think people in this thread understand what early access means... like you're all complaining about features the developers have said many times they are constantly working on improvements for
      The Early Access trap is an easy one to fall for, it's always safest to assume that the best and brightest of the game is available from day 1.
      This case is different seeing as I'd back HF for its Naval Component alone, the land stuff and upcoming cavalry stuff is very welcome too.

      I really cannot overstate how fucking fun the naval is.
      The reason why people are so scared of early access games being abandoned is because of the shitty survival game phase the industry went through where tons of copy paste Rust style games were abandoned straight after steam release

      If you look around the Holdfast forums it's pretty clear the developers are passionate about making a good game that they're proud of, I have high hopes for this game within the next 6 months or so

      And I agree the naval looks incredible so far, and the fact that they made naval and land battles crossover is pretty interesting too
    • i told u all holdfast melee was shit but the meme potential is there because of the voice commands and the new flute glitch before they patched it, which i'd upload but it'd break the NDA even after game was released sadface
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    • The main challenge is going to be running the things since again, the system by which it looks like matches and maps will be run is pants-on-head retarded but hey, NW's admin tools weren't exactly stellar from the get go either.

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      Delete this please.

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      @Scandypandy, I heard that McKinsey is out recruiting its next batch of management consultants. With the way you turned NRP around, you might be in for a decent shot.