Teefourco - Admin Aplication NWRP

    • Teefourco - Admin Aplication NWRP

      Your In-Game Name:


      Steam Name and Steam URL:

      -Teefourco / steamcommunity.com/id/T4coOfBravolandia/

      Age: (Be honest, we are not looking for an exact age)

      -18 years old

      Timezone and Country: (GMT [ timeanddate.com/time/map/ ])

      -Spain,Madrid / CEST UTC+2

      How good is your English?

      -I was born in the US so, pretty good. I can also speak Spanish.

      How many hours have you played Mount and Blade: Warband?

      -127 Hours (Only Napoleonic Wars)

      How long have you been playing on the server? How active are you?

      -Ive been playing the exact 127 hours on NRP, its the only server I enjoy, I usually get on around 18:00 to 21:00.

      Are you in the Official NW Roleplay Community group on Steam?:

      -Yes, I am.

      Why do you want to be an admin? And what makes you different to other applicants?

      -Honestly, ive been playing only on this server, and i really think i can help out. There is always use for another admin, and i guess i should already know my way around. Also, players need an admin that listens and that is late at night!

      Do you have any past experience as an admin?

      -I've been an admin on other games like Garrys Mod and Team Fortress 2

      Is there anyone that can vouch for you? We need the name and the Steam URL or the vouch wont be taken as valid:


      Please explain the rules for players that go in any Roleplay, please state them clearly and do not copy them:

      In the most common case, the rules for Battle rp would be.
      -Follow beaconed officer at all times. Cav follows general
      -If you dont have an officer/officer is dead/afk join another squad
      -No teamhitting
      -No trolling or wasting buildpoints
      -Do not surrender kill
      -No Rambo (But charge if admin says so)
      -No chat spam

      Please explain the guidelines for admins that you should follow in any Roleplay, please state them clearly and do not copy them:

      -Do not abuse or troll
      -Do not randomly slay without a good reason
      -Help other fellow players if they need information.
      -Do not insult or be offensive.

      Create a list of role plays with each of their separate rules in an organised, easy to read structure. If it is in a paragraph, it will not be taken:

      Battle RP:
      -Follow beaconed officer at all times / CAV follow general
      -Do not rambo (But charge if ordered by the admin)
      -Do not surrender kill without a firing line
      -If your officer dies join another squad
      -Dont waste buildpoints

      -Both teams MUST enter and stay in their trenches at all times
      -When ordered one of the teams will have to charge

      -Follow officers
      -Listen to the admins commands
      -Stay in line and do not crouch or hide behind a friendly player

      -One side takes ONLY cav and the other ONLY inf (and only pikes if said so)
      -CAV will then line up and wait untill the inf have prepared a defending formation
      -Cav will then charge when ordered by an admin

      -Do not plank spam
      -Defenders must stop invaders from the flag
      -Invaders will play as partizani
      -at 1:30 Gandalf arrives

      -Both teams line up and choos only cav
      -They will charge when ordered by an admin

      -Both teams may choose Rifles (But it favors the RP if UK chooses Marines)
      -Do not plank spam

      -Attackers (Bigger amount of players) will choose Partizani and defenders rifles
      -Atackers will have to kill the enemy general before the time runs out
      -General must survive or escape to win
      -Defenders cant give away the generals position

      -No kicking/trolling inside the boats
      -Players must wait for other to hop on the boat
      -Teams are UK and France

      -Teams can be either RussiaVSGermany or RussiaVSRussia
      -Atackers will have more players but must use partizani ONLY

      -1 player will be choosed at random by an admin and placed at the enemy base
      -This player must surrender his weapons
      -Attackers must save the hostage before the time runs out
      -If the time is over, then the defenders may kill the hostage
      -The hostage may also be killed if it disobeys

      Your User ID: STEAM_0:1:23672765
    • Wrong id, you want your GUID, use this link to find it: imgur.com/pxNxjtI

      You also probably should've done it on 59th.eu, but this way someone other than pew gets a mild say. I recognise your name although it doesn't stand out, so by that I presume you follow the rules and don't cock about. Besides that, the rps and rules are good, and besides a few minor things missing and a few things wrong (Stalingrad - teams are Russia and Prussia, Germany as it was at the time didn't really exist per say, instead it was all part of Prussia.), it's all pretty decent.

      Great_Leader_Old_Man_Taters is here to... idk, do something.