NWRP Admin Application - Gokibouri

    • NWRP Admin Application - Gokibouri

      Hello dear admins of Napoléonic roleplay, here is my application to become an admin.

      Your In-Game Name:Gokibouri

      Steam Name and Steam URL: Gokibouri ;steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198111701194/

      Age: (Be honest, we are not looking for an exact age)
      17 Years Old
      Timezone and Country: (GMT [ timeanddate.com/time/map/ ])
      Paris ,France GMT+1
      How good is your English?
      I speak english well but i’m not an expert, I can do some gramatical mistakes, but i’m understood the majority of time when i speak english.
      How many hours have you played Mount and Blade: Warband?
      How long have you been playing on the server? How active are you?
      I played on this server around 700 Hours and I play every week end from 16 pm to 00am
      Are you in the Official NW Roleplay Community group on Steam?:
      Yes , I am
      Why do you want to be an admin? And what makes you different to other applicants?
      I want to be admin because I’m on this server since one year now, this server gave me a lot of fun and I feel that I want to help this server the best I can. I want to be admin because I feel totally capable of it. I have an established reputation on the server that will help me to have an good authority. I have the experience of leading without teamspeak but only in a server , I usually manage to organize the players, so if i have the admin tools, sure I can do the job.
      More I speak french , Thats can be usefull to manage the french community easier (The french community is really big on this game but rarely I saw two frogs speaking on this server without insulting themselves or doing cancerous political discussions, but i know the rule of « Only english on this server » and i’ll respect that)

      I Know the rules for players and admins.
      Do you have any past experience as an admin?
      No I don’t
      Is there anyone that can vouch for you? We need the name and the Steam URL or the vouch wont be taken as valid:
      Please explain the rules for players that go in any Roleplay, please state them clearly and do not copy them:

      - Listen to admins and respect them

      - English only in chat

      - Follow the rules of the current RP

      - No Tnt/Planks Spam

      - No hacking or cheating

      - No Teamhitting

      - No rambo

      - No trolling

      - No spam

      - No insults
      Please explain the guidelines for admins that you should follow in any Roleplay, please state them clearly and do not copy them:

      - Same Obvious rules for players applies for admins too

      - Using admin chat only for admin’s work (No leading, no recruitments messages no personnal discussions Etc )

      - Annoucement, official messages and rp rules are allowed in admins chat.

      - No admins horses/weapons

      - Never giving up the server without another admin ready to come.

      Create a list of role plays with each of their separate rules in an organised, easy to read structure. If it is in a paragraph, it will not be taken:
      Battle RP :
      - No ramboing

      - Infantry follow the officer, Cav follow the General

      - Surrender must be killed by a firing squad only or can be killed after warnings if they dont drop their weapons.

      Linebattle RP :
      - No ramboing

      - Infantry follow the officier

      - Infantry haves to stay in line and can’t crouch

      Town RP :

      - Partizani must do roleplay in a town with guards, Peace is established

      - No Riot until 3 minutes have passed (The admin can establish the timer rule)

      - No random punching or kicking during the peace time
      Naval RP :

      - Both team haves to take sailor classes

      - Can’t sail before everyone is on board

      Assasination RP :

      - Team one Takes regular troops and haves to protect a general against a partizani horde

      - Balance is 1 : 2.5

      - Russians can Have 20 BP max

      Cav Vs Inf RP

      - First team takes cav, Second takes infantry only

      - Both team haves to stay at spawn, infantry forms square, cav waits until admin’s charge order.

      - No Sappers

      Cav vs Cav :
      -Both team wait in spawn until admin’s charge order.

      Volley RP :

      -Both teams haves to take infantry and to form a big line in spawn

      -Both team only advance and fire with admin’s order.

      - No rambo

      Trench RP :

      -Both teams haves to go in their trench during a peace mode

      - Both team can charge after the war mode is enabled.

      - Admins can order a charge

      Stalingrad RP :

      -Russian represents the Red army ; Prussia Represents the wehrmacht

      - No tnt Spam

      - After 3 rounds there is the red day, where there is only bayonets allowed.

      Thanks for Reading, I think i didnt forget any information. See you later on Game ;)

      Your User ID : 1336231
    • 59th.eu to for applications.

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