Admin Application

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    • Admin Application

      Your In-Game Name:

      Steam Name and Steam URL:

      Age: (Be honest, we are not looking for an exact age)

      Timezone and Country: (GMT [ ])

      How good is your English: Very Good

      How many hours have you played Mount and Blade Warband:134hrs

      How long have you been playing on the server: Mainly Every day

      Are you in the Official NW Roleplay Community group on Steam?: yes

      Why do you want to be an admin? And what makes you different to other applicants: I want the players to have a good time

      Do you have any past experience as an admin: Not really apart from my own servers

      Is there anyone that can vouch for you? We need the name and the Steam URL or the vouch wont be taken as valid: no

      Please explain the rules for players that go in any Roleplay, please state them clearly and do not copy them: No team killing no spamming no trolling

      Please explain the guidelines for admins that you should follow in any Roleplay, please state them clearly and do not copy them: Keep an eye out for any people Breaking Rules

      Create a list of role plays with each of their separate rules in an organised, easy to read structure. If it is in a paragraph, it will not be taken: Trench,Stalingrad,Assassination,Line battle,cav v cav
      Trench: Charge when officer commands Stalingrad: Russia charges Prussia or other faction Assassination kill general before he gets to their spawn Line battle: Follow Officer Cav v Cav: All on horse charge when admin says

      Your User ID: