NWRP_Admin-Application [Teufels-Diener]

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    • NWRP_Admin-Application [Teufels-Diener]

      Your In-Game Name: Teufel_Jager

      Steam Name and Steam URL: Teufels-Diener steamcommunity.com/id/teufels-Diener

      Age:17 years old

      Timezone and Country: Eastern Time zone. United States of America

      How good is your English? : English is my base language so its nearly perfect besides grammar issues here and there.

      How many hours have you played Mount and Blade: 1024 hours

      How long have you been playing on the server? : First server i played on when i got M&B so a solid 2 and a half years.

      Are you in the Official NW Roleplay Community group on Steam?: Yes I am.

      Why do you want to be an admin? What makes you differ from other
      Applicants?: I love history and making the role plays as fun and realistic as possible would be fun for the entire community, I feel that other applicants don't understand that the community should come before their own enjoyment as to be an admin your job is serving the community itself and ensuring a fun, fair time for all.

      Do you have any past experience as an admin?: Yes i was an admin of both
      9e official and main and an admin for the 4epl, and 84th. Mainly for recruiting purposes but I also helped admin events and so forth.

      Is there anyone that can vouch for you? We need the name and the Steam
      URL or the vouch wont be taken as valid: Yes steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198080141690/ and steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011521208/

      Please explain the rules for players that go in any Roleplay, please state them clearly and do not copy them:
      1. Listen to admins and follow the rules of each roleplay
      2. No Ramboing,depends on roleplay. When rambo isnt allowed you should
      always follow your officer (he should have beacon), unless you are an
      3. No Surrender-Killing. Always wait for admin,or officers command for
      killing a prisoner, you can only kill if they have a weapon on them.
      4. No delaying (no running around like a fool away from combat)
      5. No build point wasting or TNT spam (use Build Points to protect important things like arty)
      6. No teamhitting. No need to intentionally wound team mates, slay may be a consequence
      7. No cheating, hacking or modding, (Dont mess with peoples fun on the server by doing this)
      8. No trolling (ex. Standing in front of artillery when its shooting)
      9. No insulting names (ex. Gas_the_jews) Names like Barack_Obama, Joseph_Stalin are allowed

      Please explain the guidelines for admins that you should follow in any Roleplay, please state them clearly and do not copy them:
      1.Trolling of any kind is not tolerated on the server as will result in a Kick or Ban.
      2. TA'S are only Allowed to kick or temp ban Perm Ban is only allowed for Higher Admin's.
      3. You Must Notify the steam group When you Perm ban someone so it can be logged.
      4. On your Steam Profile you should give people links to the steam group and website so they can enjoy playing on the server.
      5. Unless the RP says you Can't then Musician Killing will be allowed.
      6. Unless a Higher Admin Says or you are playing "defend the church" then you can kill surrendering enemy's at your own Will.
      7. RP's must be switched every 3-4 rounds if you can, to prevent any upset after all the community that plays comes first.
      8. Historical names such as Adolf_Hitler and Vladimir_Putin are allowed
      but names that will offend people arent such as kill_the_jews.
      9. Only 1 recruitment message per map for regiments other the 59th keep short and simple

      Create a list of role plays with each of their separate rules in an
      organized, easy to read structure. If it is in a paragraph, it will not
      be taken:
      Battle Roleplay Rules
      1.) No rambo (Stay with your units officer if only one get in another line)
      2.) No surrender killing, all surrenders must drop all weapons. execution must be done in firing squad
      3.) Always follow class officer, cavalry follow general

      Line Battle Roleplay Rules
      1.) No rambo (Stay with class officer if last one alive in unit find another line)
      2.) Follow class orders and his teamchat orders
      3.) No crouching (only skirmishers and light infantry are allowed to crouch) Line infantry crouching is punishable
      4.) Surrender killing is allowed in this roleplay

      Naval Roleplay Rules
      1.) Both teams must go naval crew class (No Grenadiers)
      2.) Arty can be enabled and disabled by admin
      3.) Dont troll ship (dont sail off by yourself let everyone get in)
      4.) Do not sail until everyone is on ship or boat

      Assassination Roleplay
      1.) All Russians must go partizani
      2.) Defenders team must protect general, if he falls defenders lose
      3.) Attackers must find and kill enemy general to win
      4.) both teams can take sappers. Defending team get a lot of build points
      5.) Balance should be 1:3 ratio

      Storm the Palace Roleplay Rules
      1.) All Russians must go partizani only
      2.) Defenders must defend the house, they can use engineers to build barricades
      3.) Attackers must kill the enemy and take the house
      4.) Balance should be 1:3

      Cavalry Versus Infantry Roleplay
      1.) One team goes Cavalry while the other team goes infantry
      2.) Cavalry lines up at spawn until ordered to charge
      3.) Infantry must form a square

      Stalingrad Roleplay
      1.) Russians-Soviet Army Prussians-Nazi Germany
      2.) Sappers must dig a lot of barricades, they can also use TNT to blow up the enemy
      3.) No TNT spam
      4.) Every 3 rounds there will be a red day. Red day is when shooting is
      forbidden, melee only. If shooting consequences may follow

      Western Roleplay
      1.) Everyone must select any officer class (admins set officer limit to 99)
      2.) Map must be Spanish Village
      3.) Cavalry must be available at 10%

      Your User ID: 1115987

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    • While the rules are the same, because i mean those are the rules and me and him agree that they should be like that in which i would back up that admins should think like that to create a uniformed group as to not cause conflicts , You should take note that My steam ID is not his steam ID, His hours and my hours are very different, so before you use words like "literally" It would be wise to be more specific and not say "word from word" As that statement in itself is false as you have it. [NOTE] I'm not trying to be a smart ass of any kind and i humbly apologize if it comes off that way, i just dislike being falsely accused of doing something i had no mind of doing.

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    • I believe Fringo's point is that instead of vouching for each other (which doesn't count for much) and essentially writing each other's applications, you ought to take the rule list and put it out in your own words-this both demonstrates you actually understand the rules and that you have a strong a grasp on English as you claim.

      He isn't insinuating that you are the same person, merely that your application should be your own and the application process is by and large between you and the staff, as opposed to you, your friend, your combined applications and all of us.

      Copy-pasting is mentioned in templates as something you shouldn't do.

      literalretard wrote:

      Delete this please.

      KL4R1NO the Politically Correct wrote:

      @Scandypandy, I heard that McKinsey is out recruiting its next batch of management consultants. With the way you turned NRP around, you might be in for a decent shot.
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    • Basic rules and little activity.

      Would like to see an improvement before I would accept you.

      I'm going to reject this application, but feel free to re-apply in a few weeks.
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